Home Inspections


Home Inspections

Inspection reports are very scary for a home seller. The reason for this is that sellers know that the buyer is hoping for problems to pop up in the report, and they always do because no home is perfect, and buyers use this to their advantage to get in some last minute negotiations. Also, some buyers are even able to cancel the contract depending on what problems are found. Or, they may request you fix the issues which can be costly.  There are some things you should consider:

You should ask yourself if the buyers request(s) are sound. Sometimes a buyer will make demands that are unreasonable compared to what the problem actually is. Some are also so minor, that you know they are just looking for things to complain about. Come up with a firm decision on how much you will be willing to pay to repairs. Sometimes buyers will come up with so many reasons, that you should realize they are just trying to get out of purchasing the house.

One way to alleviate the situation when the inspection shows lots of problems it to consider paying them cash for things that need to be replaced or repaired. This may interest a buyer, because they will be able to decide how they are performed. For example, if the kitchen cabinets must be replaced, they might rather do it themselves to pick out what they want.

Do offer to pay for other repairs besides the main expensive one. If you agree to do numerous specific repairs, they may let you off the hook for that one major one. Be sure to make a written list. Let them know, that while you can’t do that major repair, you are able to do all of these other things. Keep in mind, this may or may not be acceptable to them but it is a good strategy.

The inspection could uncover a previously unknown, but serious home inspection problem. Do not avoid this issue, because if you do, you’ll get in trouble. When you find out about a problem with the home you are legally obligated to reveal it. After you and the buyer negotiate back and forth through a list of issues, point out to the buyers that inspectors, like appraisers, are only offering their opinion. Granted, they are based on experience, but no two inspections will be alike.

Whether the inspector made a bigger deal out of some problems or these happen to be his pet peeve about houses in general, let the buyers feel your frustration. Appeal to the buyers’ sense of fairness. Shift the focus onto the inspector; never blame the buyers, even if they are being difficult.

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  1. Haley

    Home inspections are so important. It’s really important also to get your own inspector, rather than trust the seller’s. They’re going to choose someone that will favor them when it comes to writing the inspection report. Look in the phonebook, or on review websites like Angie’s list to find a great one.

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